Bitcoin Price Inches Back Toward $3,500, But Litecoin is Today’s Crypto Market Winner

Bitcoin is edging closer and closer back to the critical $3,500 support level that some estimated it would stand on for awhile. Ethereum gained a dollar overnight. But more notably, so did Litecoin — more than a dollar, actually.

Confidence in Litecoin seems to be growing after its rebranding. The stalwart altcoin, intended to be “silver to Bitcoin’s gold,” is notably seen as having a growing community and userbase. On the same note, Augur continued its growth pattern over the 24-hour period, reaching an average of more than $13.

Bitcoin Price Edges Toward Crucial $3,500 Level

The Bitcoin price saw a 24-hour high of $3,450 on Coinbase.

There remains an interesting arbitrage opportunity between some major exchanges.

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