TOP Shocking Viral Videos

TOP Shocking Viral Videos

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# 1.
Boeing 787 Jumbo Jet Takes Off Virtually Totally Up and down.

11.4 M+ Views.
# 2.
Queen’s Guard Raises Rifle At Harassing Vacationer.

9.5 M+ Views.
# 3.
Stunning Airborne Wedding celebration Shot Ends With A Bang.

6.5 M+ Views.
# 4.
Two Guys Perform Rocking Blues On Toy Guitar At Walmart.

4.1 M+ Views.
# 5.
Shia LaBeouf Provides One of the most Motivating TED Talk Ever.

3.0 M+ Sights.
# 6.
Crushing A Gold Apple Watch With Super Magnets.

2.6 M+ Sights.
# 7.
Guys Playing Frisbee At The Beach Really Don’t Understand How you can Play.

2.1 M+ Views.
# 8.
Woman Cannot Describe If You’re Going 80 Miles Per Hour For how long Will It Require to Go 80 Miles.

1.9 M+ Sights.
# 9.
Guy Demonstrates Ingenious Timber Chopping Method Utilizing Tire.

1.2 M+ Views.
# 10.
Deer Burglarize Home Utilizing Dog Door.

700K+ Sights.

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