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Margot Robbie’s Beauty Routine Is Insane

Margot Robbie’s Beauty Routine Is Insane

Celebrity Beauty Tips Margot Robbie’s Beauty Routine Is Insane In This ‘American Psycho’ Parody

Celebrity Beauty Tips Margot Robbie is obviously absolutely psychotic. That is, her charm regimen is psychotic , according to a brand-new video parody of “& ldquo; American Psycho & rdquo; from Vogue .

The Australian actress will grace the cover of Vogue & rsquo; s June 2016 concern, which is most likely why this video got made.

In the video, which was shot in the very same design as the initial motion picture starring Christian Bale, Robbie gets up and tells her method through her early morning appeal regimen.

Here & rsquo; s the initial appeal regular clip from & ldquo; American Psycho. & rdquo;


The parody, much like theoriginal clip, is eerilysoothing in its calm madness. Simply pay attention to Christian Bale & rsquo; s character. Oh my God, he is so insane.Celebrity Beauty Tips 

Of course, Margot Robbie is not really crazy, unlike Christian Bale & rsquo; s character.

But the satire, called & ldquo; Australian Psycho, & rdquo; is a fantastic concept since Robbie “& rsquo; s appeal regular in fact does sound type of insane,’a minimum of to a guy. Explaining an appeal regimen is precisely what Christian Bale does in the initial clip, sothe parody truly was a strong relocation.

In the context of the satire, Robbie strolls the audience throughher charm regimen (and she does it in an American accent too ).

Robbie states, In the early morning ,Celebrity Beauty Tips if my face is a little puffy I & rsquo; ll hold 2 cold spoons dipped in lapsang souchong over my eyes.I want to practice meditation while I deal with my core, although I was born with a six-pack. In the shower, I utilize a deep pore cleanser cream, then a fossilized blue-green algae body scrub. I can & rsquo; t keep in mind the last time I cleaned my hair.

It essentially cleans itself now.Then, I use a propriety glycolic and pearl mask, which I leave on for 10 minutes while I prepare the rest of my regimen. I constantly utilize a small-batch, placenta-infused facial toner for that third-trimester radiance without the food cravings. Moisturizer, then an anti-aging eye balm followed by a last moisturizing protective cream.

Wow, that & rsquo; s a great deal of things going on. Well, whatever Robbie isdoing appears to be working since shelooks as lovely as ever. Not to point out, she squashes this parody.

Anyway, the video trips the satire to its conclusion till Robbie progressively breaks out her Australian accent to hint completion.

Check out the complete Celebrity Beauty Tips video at the top. See how great the parody is– it & rsquo; s on point– and hear Margot Robbie & rsquo; s appeal suggestions on your own.



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