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The Cucamelon Is The Cutest Summer Food!

The Cucamelon Is The Cutest Summer Food You Should Be Eating

In this hyper-informative age, we believe the world requires more whimsy. Often that whimsy can be discovered in the natural world. And often it’ scrumptious and edible, like the cucamelon , the prettiest fruit to grow on the face of this Earth.

MarcusPhoto1 through Getty Images

Rado_Kellne through Getty Images

The cucamelon is a kind of cucumber with a citrusy taste. Belonging to Mexico and Central America , it s likewise called a Mexican sour gherkins or a mouse melon. Cucamelons grow to be about the size of a grape and they appear like small, infant watermelons. In case you didn  understand, little watermelon are lovable.

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You can discover the cucamelon at some farmers markets or you can think about growing your very own. This vine-y plant aspires to settle, will bloom quickly, and yield lots of small, lovable cucamelons.

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We believe the very best method to consume themis directly up, like grapes, however they & rsquo;re likewise an excellent addition to salads and make some quite lovable pickles . They  quite ideal as a mixed drink garnish.

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