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7 Things You Don’t Know About Ariana Grande

7 Things You Don’t Know About Ariana Grande

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Today it’s time for 7 truths you really did not understand about one of your favorite stars out there. She’s an outstanding vocalist who could act as well as that completely likes Broadway. Today we’re dishing around–.
” the wickedly skilled, one and only,”.
Ariana Grande! Okay, so this celebrity is no stranger to the Twitterverse, constantly making certain to connect with her 14.1-million-plus fans. She frequently discloses expert details concerning herself, however we’ve got a few realities that you most likely do not know. AG fans– maintain tabs on how many of these points you currently recognize and upload if you have an additional trendy truth to contribute to the list!

Up first, Ariana is a MASTER of perceptions. Seriously though, if this entire vocal singing occupation doesn’t exercise for her, she ought to end up being a voiceover actor or something. Do not think us? In an old YouTube record, Ariana impersonates Britney Spears.



  1. Katarzyna RybusKatarzyna RybusNovember 30, -0001

    she loses her hair aswell

  2. Jeremy MartinJeremy MartinNovember 30, -0001

    She can act? No.

  3. Cheryl CosteloCheryl CosteloNovember 30, -0001

    Go Arianna

  4. Saad BokhariSaad BokhariNovember 30, -0001

    fact Ariana is not Italian she’s a brown woman half Arab and half Greek ?¿?

  5. Emma CappuccioEmma CappuccioNovember 30, -0001

    I couldn’t hear your voice over the loud bad dance music in the background

  6. wolfgirl3759 79wolfgirl3759 79November 30, -0001

    Colleen and Rachael are good friends with Ari not Miranda Sings well
    Miranda Sings was not her vocal coach

  7. Magical Midnight StoriesMagical Midnight StoriesNovember 30, -0001


  8. Yacine BÉNYacine BÉNNovember 30, -0001

    Bubble !!

  9. Moonlight QueenMoonlight QueenNovember 30, -0001

    Fact 1: She is the vocalist of our generation
    Fact 2: She loves her fans, friends and family
    Fact 3: She is better that Selena and Taylor
    Fact 4: She doesn’t hate America, she loves America
    Fact 5: She never cheated on Jai Brooks lol she just broke up with him and
    she found another (and better) guy
    Fact 6: The fact that she doesn’t won a Grammy yet is unbelievable. She
    deserves it

    • Moonlight QueenMoonlight QueenNovember 30, -0001

      both ariana and demi are legends end of the story.

    • thisbewahand catgirlthisbewahand catgirlNovember 30, -0001

      I know a singer she is NOT better than… Demi lovato trust me I love ari
      but no one can top demi

  10. Andrew DavisAndrew DavisNovember 30, -0001

    One thing I know… She doesn’t have her own style. She more of less
    copies other, well known singers styles and voices.

  11. Emily MercadoEmily MercadoNovember 30, -0001

    She’s also related to Collen

  12. iiiiNovember 30, -0001

    Clever News Stop putting rumors around the internet this is really mean to
    the celebs. Also I bet there will be hate comments. You might not agree
    with me anyway.

    • iiiiNovember 30, -0001


      Maybe you should go tell them stupid

      This is my opinion idiot

    • Sam FamSam FamNovember 30, -0001

      They don’t stupid

  13. xavier poulinxavier poulinNovember 30, -0001

    jeez why cant ppl pronounce boca raton correctly, ITS BOCA RUH-TONE

  14. Shaneka OwensShaneka OwensNovember 30, -0001

    my cousin’s first word was bubble

    • Alexandria CasillasAlexandria CasillasNovember 30, -0001

      +Shaneka Owens how do I know if that is true?

  15. LBBH EnjoyLBBH EnjoyNovember 30, -0001

    the Collen one isn’t true bc Collen said that they are just good friends
    before she became famous

  16. Meggan EnglishMeggan EnglishNovember 30, -0001

    Also Colleen Evans is just really good friends with ari they were friends
    before she got famous

  17. moossamoossaNovember 30, -0001

    fact 8: she was born christian catholic but then lost her faith and
    converted to kallabah judaism

    • moossamoossaNovember 30, -0001

      +alexa mancera jewish poeple believes in god, she lost her faith in
      christianity but not in god

    • alexa manceraalexa manceraNovember 30, -0001

      That’s a lie my bff is Ariana’s cousin and I told her if she believes in
      God she said yes people say I lost my faith

    • Cassandra Faith AlferezCassandra Faith AlferezNovember 30, -0001

      ehem kaballah

  18. Sasha SparklesSasha SparklesNovember 30, -0001


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