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Kim Kardashian Gives Birth On ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’

Kim Kardashian brings to life infant North West on ‘Staying on par with The Kardashians’ as well as claims her “vag” looks much better than ever. Subscribe!



  1. The Lenny Leggo ShowThe Lenny Leggo ShowNovember 30, -0001

    Okay, everyone here, everyone? Fans of the show, not fans of the show,
    everyone here to read this comment? Okay good. Please do humanity a favor
    and boycott this show. There is no reason why people should be famous for
    no reason whatsoever.

    Everybody (else)

    • lara blara bNovember 30, -0001

      +The Lenny Leggo Show oh come on it’s one thing to not like a show and
      another to say boycott it for the sake of humanity like lol why the hell
      are you so emotional and upsed about a silly show, you either have some
      issues with envy or are too dumb to know there are far worse things in this
      world to get upset about than Kardasshians. Some people have different
      taste than you deal with it little crybaby

    • The Lenny Leggo ShowThe Lenny Leggo ShowNovember 30, -0001

      +Jackie Montrose Not when it’s boring as this crap it sure isn’t? I’m
      sorry, but nobody watches reality TV about some random family’s life. Wanna
      see true talent? Watch Breaking Bad, THAT’S true TV. Reality TV in general
      sucks, but the Kardashians give it an even lower low, heck, it makes that
      borefest 19 kids and counting show look like the golden age of TV.

    • The Lenny Leggo ShowThe Lenny Leggo ShowNovember 30, -0001

      +Jackie Montrose This isn’t the 80’s or 90’s anymore, how famous they were
      then doesn’t matter, it’s the 2010’s now, and they are famous for NOTHING.
      Plus, you just said that they have to act on reality tv, so you’re saying
      that it’s fake, right? How can it be real if they’re acting.

  2. Stephanie GomezStephanie GomezNovember 30, -0001

    Dam a lot of haters here, but her baby is actually not ugly ! It’s a baby
    like dam people y’all are ignorant. Leave the baby out of it.

    • Santa BrattySanta BrattyNovember 30, -0001

      +Stephanie Gomez you know something? I totally agree with you. I don’t
      watch their shows or any of its spin offs. It’s not about that family. We
      don’t watch any reality shows. It boggles the mind just how many people
      watch ANY “Reality Shows” and believe they are witnessing total reality. It
      boggles the mind that people are so emotionally invested in loving and
      hating reality show casts. (They ARE casts, family ties or not.)
      I’m only here watching this video because a friend of mine sent me the link
      for a specific purpose that has nothing to do with reality shows, or with
      this family. However, you would have to completely unplug from every
      external you have, including magazines, and newspapers, etc. to not know
      something about this show.
      I find it alarming how many people have posted such hateful awful things,
      because they feel entitled to hate on these people for how they make their
      living. The people who post loving support are equally alarming, because
      they are defending these strangers like they are their best friends or

      Nevertheless, the MOST alarming things I’ve read in the comments here are
      about a baby who had absolutely no say in who her parents are or how she is
      dressed and displayed. Stay obsessed over these strangers like they are
      your family or friends, because you don’t know any better, but leave the
      children out of it. PLEASE.

  3. fabu10usfabu10usNovember 30, -0001

    What season is this?

  4. derock fentonderock fentonNovember 30, -0001

    why would someone put her pushing out a kid on camera

  5. Nadia And Layla GamingNadia And Layla GamingNovember 30, -0001

    i think it was good to film because its a good memory to have

  6. Lana willettLana willettNovember 30, -0001

    i think it’s great that they showed it. there was so much in the press and
    she did not have an easy pregnancy. it showed that she is not afraid to
    come out as who she wants to be!!! KUWTK

  7. Erika K.Erika K.November 30, -0001

    nooooooooooo who cares

  8. Isaac CantuIsaac CantuNovember 30, -0001

    My wife thought that her cooch was better looking after too. LOL Nothing
    really changed.

  9. Kayla ReynaKayla ReynaNovember 30, -0001

    really an IV . those are soo cake for me

    • PamsherePamshereNovember 30, -0001

      I didn’t know they numb the area up first-if thats the case they didn’t do
      a very good job on me, lol. Next time I ever have to have another IV I’m
      going to ask them about the numbing stuff Kayla told me about lmao jk. I
      have tats about seven (7) and I can’t even compare them with those damn IV
      needles. Only tolerance I have is with my pain management DR lol. Needles,
      nah. Have a good one.

    • Kayla ReynaKayla ReynaNovember 30, -0001

      When they do them now they first inject u with a shot that numbs the area
      they are gonna poke you. And once the IV is in you dont feel anything. But
      otherwise i felt an IV and its not that bad. Im at a good tolerance when it
      comes to needles sticking in my skin. But idk about a tattoo lol. Only IV
      not a tattoo

  10. Iva DidovIva DidovNovember 30, -0001

    Oh poor is the world we’re living in,big fat boots,sex as a talent as long
    as the wallet is full..everything’s good. She doesnt even know what true
    happiness is,and obviously will never find out. Question for Kim,does your
    butt hurt when you want to sit longer,i mean those implants do they
    move..they are soooooo BIG haha.fat butt

  11. Marg ContMarg ContNovember 30, -0001


  12. Corinne ClarkeCorinne ClarkeNovember 30, -0001

    all I have to say is Kylie will regret all the sugerys by time she’s 30 if
    even that old she started way to young and now she’s gonna constantly have
    to keep up with it sad

  13. ReofiveReofiveNovember 30, -0001

    They called her “North” for the sake of a stupid pun. And now that girl
    will suffer at school. Kanye’s and Kim’s stupidity is beyond belief.

    • Monika .M.Monika .M.November 30, -0001

      WHO will hate the daughter of Kanye West and Kim Kаrdashien tel me huh

    • Leen HusseinLeen HusseinNovember 30, -0001

      +An Dsty she won’t even go to school

    • An DstyAn DstyNovember 30, -0001

      +Reofive as if she is going to the public school she will be home schooled
      for sure

  14. Michael BarberMichael BarberNovember 30, -0001

    Who the hell watches this trash!?

    • Marbella Bedolla-SalinasMarbella Bedolla-SalinasNovember 30, -0001


    • ღ LoveZara ღღ LoveZara ღNovember 30, -0001

      +Michael Barber You

    • GodsGirl4KGodsGirl4KNovember 30, -0001

      Evidently you x

  15. ChantelleChantelleNovember 30, -0001


    • Heidy BatallaHeidy BatallaNovember 30, -0001


  16. Joe MaggiJoe MaggiNovember 30, -0001

    So wheres the kids 666 birthmark?

    • PamsherePamshereNovember 30, -0001

      LOL that was just to funny. Still cracking up LOL

    • loh breezyloh breezyNovember 30, -0001

      +Joe Maggi from the omen lol

    • Sabryna TessoneSabryna TessoneNovember 30, -0001

      h uggggggh

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