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Elephant ATTACKS Safari Jeep | EXCLUSIVE Footage [Never Before Seen]

Expert safari guide Johann Lombard experienced something like never ever prior to with some extreme elephants.

No pets were provoked right into activity neither are any type of circumstances prompted or assemblied for TV. Johann Lombard’s specialist safari directing capacity was constantly present guaranteeing the safety and security of both the pets as well as individuals with him. Despite all precautions taken, in some cases the animals do act out with no provocation – which leads to several of the remarkable video footage recorded.

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  1. Novex GamingNovex GamingAugust 30, 2016

    Bring an Anti-Tank rifle! That’d put the elephant in line.

  2. Agent-Thrifty{The Coffee Powered Robot}Agent-Thrifty{The Coffee Powered Robot}August 8, 2016

    And you just sat there yelling thinking you could do what? Scare it away?

  3. vwbigchrisvwbigchrisAugust 5, 2016

    50 cal and they’d be alright

    • TrikxscopesTrikxscopesAugust 10, 2016


  4. geoff nasongeoff nasonAugust 4, 2016

    Cause yelling hey ,hey ,hey, hey makes them stop, the elephants are
    thinking ya I’m pissed lets go charged the car oh dam we can’t charge the
    car now that guy is saying hey works every time what dum asses

  5. yellowfolderyellowfolderJuly 26, 2016

    My defence mechanism against huge chunks of muscle and flesh propelling
    itself towards me is to gently whistle.

  6. Frank RizoFrank RizoJuly 25, 2016

    Why just sit there? Rev her up and scram fast. Oh, but then no video.

  7. Bill from PABill from PAJuly 25, 2016

    Fuquing idiots. Being attacked by a herd of elephants and all they can do
    is sit there and yell
    ni, ni, ni then “hey, hey, hey, hey, hey”. Start the fuquing vehicle and
    drive away you idiots. The elephants are obviously angry, mad, scared,
    hostile and attacking it is ridiculous to sit here discussing the reasons
    while such “herbivores” usually attack. They’re attacking asshats – start
    up and drive off.

  8. OpiateXOpiateXJuly 17, 2016

    JukinVideo can lick some swampsack!

  9. Desiree SunDesiree SunJuly 12, 2016


  10. Monkey D. LuffyMonkey D. LuffyJune 30, 2016

    lol it’s like the third one that actually charged in was like “let me show
    y’all how to do this”

  11. goodcat1982goodcat1982June 20, 2016

    yeah that’s it dumbass, shout “easy” and “hey” because Elephants speak
    English! Fucking retards. Trying to talk an Elephant into not charging at
    them haha

    • ZillertalerwelthassZillertalerwelthassAugust 14, 2016


  12. NX berryNX berryJune 15, 2016


    • Levi bmxLevi bmxJuly 24, 2016

      [almost shot]

    • Jaddy fromHavenJaddy fromHavenAugust 5, 2016


    • Jaddy fromHavenJaddy fromHavenAugust 5, 2016

      +Jaddy fromHaven l

  13. Arsène DevosArsène DevosJune 10, 2016

    You know why they behave like that when they see humans? Poachers.

  14. emordnilaPemordnilaPJune 9, 2016

    Since herbivores usually attack only when intimidated, I fail to see how
    yelling could help the situation.

    • Singularity's MarauderSingularity's MarauderJuly 15, 2016

      Its not that simple, elephants used to be more peaceful, go research p
      elephant ptsd.

    • Eugenia BarnettEugenia BarnettAugust 7, 2016

      in SE Africa a decade ago they were seriously contemplating the regulation
      of elephants as it is with wolves or bears in Europe, but then Chinese
      market opened and the curve went fast downward – the recovery never seen
      before was lost within a few years, all down to Asian market. No wonder if
      today’s elephants have experience with hunters that they will attack any
      jeep in sight or more often than they used to before when illegal hunting
      was going down. Its all on rise again, despite all that marketing
      talk…too sad. Too much corruption. Once in a while they catch someone but
      I would say, more gets through the custom than world wide public will ever

  15. nino puertonino puertoMarch 9, 2016

    HAHAHA… so beautiful inposing animals versus silly small people

    • Account privo di nomeAccount privo di nomeMarch 23, 2016

      +nino puerto ehy EHY ei EHY ei EHII ei EEHYY

    • Jesus AlvaradoJesus AlvaradoMay 5, 2016

      +Account privo di nome followed by the whistle lol

  16. Vlad BVlad BDecember 16, 2015

    As an elephant, I find English offensive.

    • Resan CheaResan CheaJune 13, 2016

      That couldn’t make any less sense

    • Strange TamerStrange TamerJune 21, 2016

      ‘Phant Lives Matter

    • Mofleh AlrofidahMofleh AlrofidahJuly 23, 2016

      The problem with the elephish language is pronunciation as you need a trunk
      to get some sounds right

    • Pink LovePink LoveJuly 23, 2016

      +Mofleh Alrofidah lol!!! at least try !!

  17. jeffrey van asseltjeffrey van asseltJuly 20, 2015

    They protecting their baby look in the beginning you see a small elphant
    walking, They just think that jeep is a danger for the baby.

    • 2000rayc2000raycMarch 6, 2016

      +jeffrey van asselt they also might of been hunted before so they might be
      scad of them

    • UncommonSituationsUncommonSituationsJuly 12, 2016

      +JukinVideo the people in the videos are fucking idiots

  18. Tike_MysonTike_MysonFebruary 18, 2015

    im sure they shitted their pants

    • JukinVideoJukinVideoFebruary 18, 2015

      +Tike_Myson Hopefully they cleaned them for the rest of the trip.

    • pinz2022pinz2022June 27, 2015

      +JukinVideo Did she flip you over?

    • Tike_MysonTike_MysonJune 27, 2015

      +pinz2022 yes, we did a 360 in the air

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