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Top 10 Hilarious Movie Deaths

Watch The Top 10 Hilarious Movie Deaths enjoy it


  1. HCeverythingHCeverythingNovember 30, -0001

    Now i know where they got the game garbage day

  2. Braeden TerryBraeden TerryNovember 30, -0001

    I wonder what Darwin would say

  3. hamstrmanhamstrmanNovember 30, -0001

    ERMAGERD! No honorable mentions!!

    But yeah, the #1 wasn’t particularly funny… neither was the Garbage Day

  4. Rodri ÜbermenschRodri ÜbermenschNovember 30, -0001


  5. MR.jasky666MR.jasky666November 30, -0001

    final one was epic

  6. Cale WrightCale WrightNovember 30, -0001

    can’t come into work today, got killed by the Jason Voorhees & Freddy
    Crougar mix

  7. GFRomajiGFRomajiNovember 30, -0001

    What’s the clip at the end from?

  8. IThe AuthorityIIThe AuthorityINovember 30, -0001

    The final clip with the basketball was easily the funniest one. Wtf did I
    just watch?

  9. Andreas LambropoulosAndreas LambropoulosNovember 30, -0001

    I just came from the creative saw deaths, how can I laugh ever again???

    • Spear HeadedSpear HeadedNovember 30, -0001

      me too lol

  10. MR.jasky666MR.jasky666November 30, -0001

    I hope there is death by penis from scary movie

  11. MR.jasky666MR.jasky666November 30, -0001

    There is no death by penis from scary movie!!!!

  12. JEFFPOOPJEFFPOOPNovember 30, -0001

    I had the bad fortune of being in the middle of lunch while watching this

  13. Animation_fo _lifeAnimation_fo _lifeNovember 30, -0001

    Big trouble in little China
    Cracked me up the

    • Amiyah FowlkesAmiyah FowlkesNovember 30, -0001


  14. Sebastian BoyceSebastian BoyceNovember 30, -0001

    pressing 5 over and over is racist, pressing nine over and over is a lonely

    • Sebastian BoyceSebastian BoyceNovember 30, -0001

      10/10 Its better than watching the actual video.

    • ErenThorneErenThorneNovember 30, -0001

      is this what you do for fun?

    • Sebastian BoyceSebastian BoyceNovember 30, -0001

      Watch the video on a computer, then as its paying press the numbers.

    • Megan GriffithMegan GriffithNovember 30, -0001

      what are you saying? i don’t get it..

  15. Cole GerkenCole GerkenNovember 30, -0001

    I swear, if I don’t see the canoe guy from vacation, I’m gonna cry

    • Andreas LambropoulosAndreas LambropoulosNovember 30, -0001

      Did he die?

  16. rowena Wongrowena WongNovember 30, -0001

    the video at the end was O_O……ewwwww………..

    • Brandon FowlerBrandon FowlerNovember 30, -0001

      I enjoy watching this channel. You guys should do a “Top 10” on the
      stupidest or most pointless things that “extra’s” are caught doing on scene
      during movies. Some of those are real treats!

    • Pedro PratamaPedro PratamaNovember 30, -0001

      best channel in youtube ever…….but,after WWE

  17. FrieddFrieddNovember 30, -0001

    I honestly found the video at the end that wasn’t on the actual list to be
    the funniest.

    • Kretelator LoxKretelator LoxNovember 30, -0001


    • Hammad ShahidHammad ShahidNovember 30, -0001


    • WhisperingDragonz OfTheEchoingWindsWhisperingDragonz OfTheEchoingWindsNovember 30, -0001


    • Knick KnackKnick KnackNovember 30, -0001

      +Friedd The balloon person would not of blown up it would just gotten
      caught on the missle.

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